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New Build

A green field site offers a wonderful opportunity to design a unique home that’s tailored to the owners requirements.

The choice of accommodation and how you choose to use the space is a personal choice and particular to you. Everyone has their own idea of their dream home, a modern villa or country cottage, a new build house gives you the chance for the home of your dreams.

We believe that a new house should respond to its local environment and should as much as possible share a direct relationship with the external landscape. This union with the site settles the footprint of the house and connections are formed from inside to outside. Sloping sites can suggest a split level design, a beautiful view can point to room locations, orientation to the prevailing winds and the natural sun path can capture and utilise natural energy resources and draw sun light were required into the home.

A sustainable approach to energy use within a new house design is of course important in the current climate of rising energy costs. The use of energy saving constructions and materials in conjunction with a carefully considered design will reduce significantly the energy use of the new house.