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Hazel’s shelter – Planning Permission obtained

Hazel’s shelter will be a UV protected play shelter for a 5 year old girl. Hazel Avery, who suffers from a very rare and very serious skin condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum.

This condition means that she can’t go outside in daylight unless her skin is completely covered. Exposure will result in skin cancer. Hazel is the only child in Scotland with this condition.

The shelter design will create a protected play area with a footprint big enough and high enough for sports like tennis, badminton and activities like cycling, climbing frames and trampolines, gardening etc.

The space will be exposed as much as possible to the natural weather conditions to make it feel like an outside space. A vented shiplap timber cladding, open eaves and vented ridge cap will allow the free movement of air/wind. Glass will be used extensively to allow the space to be lit naturally; the glass of course is to be laminated with a UV film.

It will be an unheated space using the existing grass as the floor.